The Odyssey of tourism, Cameroon: Africa in miniature, a country to be discovered!

Cameroon tourism is a travel agency that specializes in promoting tourism diversity of Cameroon, the valorization of the multitudes of attractions has Cameroon, facilitation of the coming and the visit of tourists and investors in Cameroon; in short, the reconciliation of the immense and rich offers tourist Cameroonian of potential tourists and investors, by the following services:

  • Booking and sale of airline tickets;
  • Hotel booking;
  • Car rental;
  • Organization of tours;
  • Organization of excursions and national caravans;
  • Organization of Conferences, seminars and leisure;
  • Airport assistance;
  • Advice and studies of profitability of Hotels and tourist sites;
  • Installation of management systems computing Hotel, Bar & Restaurant;
  • Promotion, information and development of tourist attractions and investment of Cameroon;
  • Improvement of the quality of the tourism products and services.

Our INTERNATIONAL tourist offers

Whether you want to visit Cameroon for business, eco-tourism, or simply to relax, contact us and we assure the delivery of your visa at the airport upon arrival in Cameroon.

Our NATIONAL tourist offers

The first consumers of tourism are nationals, that is the reason for the what Cameroon tourism offers to the Cameroonian individually, as a couple, group or family the opportunity to discover their dear and beautiful country Cameroon at all time of the year.
Cameroon tourism also allows companies to offer weekends for relaxation or annual leave to their staff. Car, a well satisfied employee is more efficient, more profitable which inevitably translates into a multilateral profitability and is an effective levers to improve performance.

Our religious tourist offers

In Cameroon, the State respects the freedom of religion, both in law and in practice come to visit your congregation while discovering Cameroon.

No abuse or discrimination based on membership, beliefs or religious practices have been reported in Cameroon.

Our 1 day trips opportunities

Has a time when Cameroon is on the long road to the emergence, the Cameroonian must love his country. He must love his fellow citizens. As soon as love is at work, there are uninterrupted service, into the rest as in the action. For the love of his country, he must know.
Then, Cameroon tourism offers excursions in group to the schools, high schools, colleges, universities, training, business associations, NGOs, ministries, and other circuits of excursions to discover our dear and beautiful country Cameroon.
Certainly, you'll more wonder what your country can do for you. But, what you can do for your country.
Contact us and we will suggest excursions according to your aspirations...

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Our offers of SAFARI hunting in Cameroon

For lovers of sport hunting, our hunting tours are being developed to make you live unforgettable moments. Because, the fauna of Cameroon is one of the richest of Central Africa.





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Our tours International

Choose your tourist aspiration below:

Business tourism

The concrete for the incentives for private investment in Cameroon in 5 days!

Pygmies and equatorial forest

Discover the pygmy culture and the equatorial forest of Cameroon in 7 days!

Discovery of heights

Discover the heights of Cameroon in 8 days

Treasures and cultural diversity

The discovery of the chiefdoms and Cameroonian traditions in 10 days​Read more...

Discovery of the great North

The discovery of large North Cameroon in 9 days!

Kingdom of chiefdoms and traditions

The discovery of the chiefdoms and Cameroonian traditions in 10 days! Read more...

KOMA Cultural Sanctuary

Discover the Koma Cultural Sanctuary in 12 Days​
​

Christianity in Cameroon

At the discovery of Christianity in Cameroon regardless of your congregation in 7 days!

Islam in Cameroon

The discovery model Islamic distant extremes of Cameroon in 7 days!

Our tours Nation.

Circuits for Cameroonians

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