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YAOUNDE : chief town of the CENTER region

The central region is remarkable by its humid climate, lush vegetation, its folklore, customs, the customs of its inhabitants.
It is a hilly region, area of the rainforest and the great rivers. It lends itself to excursions, picnics, ecotourism, agrotourism and adventure. Yaoundé, capital of the region is also the capital of the country. By its situation, Yaoundé, seat of the institutions of the Republic, with its hotel infrastructure of international class is one of the favorite destinations for tourists, businessmen, diplomats, congressmen and academics.
Built on several hills, Yaoundé has a picturesque site and a relatively cooler than the coast climate: the maxima of temperature range between 30 ° C and 33 ° C and minimums are in the range of 15 ° C.

Another name:

  • "The city on seven hills" because rich among seven hills

Capital of the central region;
Political and administrative capital of Cameroon;
Seat of the institutions of the republic and diplomatic representations;
Headquarters of the Mfoundi Department

  • 09 departments
  • Mfoundi: Yaoundé
  • Lékié: Monatélé
  • Nyong-and-So: Mbalmayo
  • Nyong-and-mfoumou: Akonolinga
  • Nyong -et-kelle: Eséka
  • Mefou and Afamba: Mfou
  • Mefou and Akono: Ngoumou
  • Mbam and Inougou: Bafia
  • Mbam and Kim: Ntui

49 Districts
17 Districts
Area: 74,050 km²
Population: 1,651,800 inhabitants


  • 02 dry seasons: from December to March and from June to August
  • 02 rainy seasons: from March to June and from September to November

Tourist season: November to May

Tourist request:

  • The caves
  • Mont Fébé
  • Akok Bekoe
  • of Okombé
  • of Abouma
  • the falls
  • Nachtigal on the Sanaga
  • Ngo-Njock Lipo on the Nyong
  • Other
  • Yoko Fortress
  • The site of Ekombitié
  • The Simbane site in Nkoteng
  • The Zoological Garden of Mvog-betsi
  • The rock of Nda Ngakoulou

Forms of tourism

  • ​Business tourism
  • Leisure or leisure tourism
  • Congress or seminar tourism
  • Tourist products

Produits touristiques

  • Stays
  • Circuits

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